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And hi, Karl. I'm fine, thank you. Perfect. Yes, I'm here. Sorry? Yes, yes, my name is Yana. And I'm not sure of my internet connection, so we will may have some problems with it, I hope not that. Okay. Yes, I'm here for this. I use it for my job and I use it for speaking with my friends from different countries. And I use it, yes, I use it for freedom, I think.

IT's a free way to connection with different people. I like traveling a lot and this is, traveling is my passion so I like to feel myself free in any corner of this earth. Yeah.

I have traveled in Europe. I like Europe very much, I like different historical places and I like European people. And so on. I don't know what to say, but Europe is the best place for traveling, to travel for me. Yes, yes.

I'm afraid of long airplane flights, yes, right. It's normal for me to have a flight about 2 or 3 hours, not more. That's why I have never been in Asia. Because too far from Russia, I think. I have never been in America. The same reason. So, Europe is the best place, anyway. Maybe, you are right. I can try one day, maybe.

London. London, yes. I like London very much and I like Budapest. Yes. I like different Thermal places, places with thermal hot springs, water and spa and so on. I've never been to these places in Turkey. I have visited Turkey, I did it I think about 10 times, I Think.

Because I have business which creates different meetings, different conferences and so on. And we make it one in Turkey very often. I like Turkey very much and it there was a time about 2 years ago. Our country had a problem with Turkey, I think you know about it. And we had about 2 years when we couldn't visit Turkey.

But it wasn' is it in English...nobody said to me I can't do it, it was forbidden, but it was not safe. It wasn't safe. So, those two years we didn't make a project in Turkey, and I missed this country very much. I like the sound and I like the people who lives in Turkey, they are very friendly. IT's because of work, the Turkey trip was because of work.

How often what? Sorry. For fun? I try to do it about two times for a year. Yes. I traveled with my family. I travel with my family usually and I make all of my trips by myself so I don't use any services or agencies for example. Yes.

Yes, I like it very much, but I have an event agency in Russia and to create something and to invent something is my passion and I like to do it. Yes, for myself, in this case. Yeah. So do you use the services of different agencies? Yes.

Where do I what? Work? Where do I work? I work for an event agency. Event agency. And I do different conferences for my client, for my clients. and different events for them so it could be exhibitions for example or conferences, incentive meetings, and so on. For businesses. It's B2B.

For 10 years. Yes. It was ten years ago and I had an agency which made ke some exhibitions for clients and could help clients with advertising in media. But then we changed our focus and decided to only make events for our clients only events. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, I think. Because it helped us to make provide a good service for them because now we do very professional projects because we have a very big extensive experience in this ese, maybe narrow field way, narrow, limited, specialized niche, I don't know how to say, yes, yes, because we are focused. Yes. But I know everything about it. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

I think yes? It's very interesting, I have never tried to learn English in this way. Yes, and it's a very interesting experience, I think. Especially because I have a lot of business trips in different parts of the world And it's very difficult to make study English in one place stationary place. So if I can have a teacher who can follow me or travel with me or be in that the places where I am. I hope it will be useful for me. This is the first reason.

And the second reason is I try to learn English, but it always is very boring ed for me. I do not like, yes, I don't like to have a notebook and to write something and make do homework. But I like to speak and I need to have wide vocabulary for myself me. You understand what I say yes? I don't have a language barrier. I am not afraid of speaking English.

But I don't have a very wide dictionary and I need some kind of way which helps me to learn new words easily. Maybe could be when I speak with somebody and if I will do it everyday for example, or very often, maybe in a constant way, some kind of near-constant way, it helps me to learn the language. It helps me to learn new words. Yes. Yes, you are right. You are right, absolutely, yes.

Because I have tried different ways to learn new words, but it doesn't work, unfortunately, I tried reading and to write new words and read them again. Yes. But if you don't use it in your life, you don't remember it, unfortunately. Yeah, you are right.

And how can I get all of these, all of job, all of the lessons which we make today, all of these, my mistakes and all of the corrections...I mean, how can I get all of our class. All that you type? Okay, yes, it's perfect, thank you. And can you tell me if you have some time, how usually you make teach the lesson? So it's only speaking or you give me some homework, for example, to read a book or watch TV or watch a serial or something? The way of teaching.

Okay, I see. And by in your opinion, what the way is the best one? What is the most efficient? I see, okay. And one more question about how often do you think, think about me, how often do you think I should have lessons with you? One time per week or two times or more often? I see, okay. Okay. And what about the time difference of time between Russia and America? Oh, so, so it's good for you to have a lesson, for example, when in Russia, it is early morning. I like it. Yeah. So, 7:30 is occupied. Okay. I see.

I think it's the only one chance to have an English lesson. Yes. Sorry? Oh, it depends on events, on event, yes. Because there are some business meetings or conferences which we have in the middle of the day, for example, client exhibitions only in the middle of day. Only business conferences, that's part of the day usually.

But usually the big conference includes such time as a client dinner for example. And of course, if a conference has gala dinner, it's in the evening. Usually, the typical conference has different parts, such as the business part of conference, and then some kind of marketing parts when our client talks about their product and discuss different ways of promoting. Promoting, yes.

And the third part is something like a Gala dinner, celebrating a special event or occasion of, celebrating of something. Yes, yes. It could be different reasons, buy anyway. Yes, it's a really complicated project, yes. Absolutely. I like to work with different interesting details. Details, yes.

And instruments. Yes, different kinds of...I don't know...what do I mean when I say tools instruments, for example, we can use an out of the box speaker for the conference, for example. Yes. Or we can use, for example, artists for conference or for gala dinner. And many conferences...I forgot the word...sorry. I can take a dictionary to look it up, to find it. I know this word and it's a normal problem for me to forget it. Yes. So any conference has different tasks and different goals that it tries to accomplish, what I mean.

So to decide this task we have to use different ways. Yes, it's interesting, of course. Yes, you're absolutely right. My agency can in one time, my colleagues can make two or three contracts in one time, for example, in different parts of the world. As for me, as for colleagues.

Sorry? It's big enough. So, it's hard to say how it's, my company is in the top ten in event companies in Russia. So it's about 70 employees. So if we're talking about event agencies, it's a big company, but if we're talking about gas companies, it's very small. Yes. Yes.

It's very good when you know all of your employees and you can speak with all of them and you know their problems and their questions and tasks maybe. And it's very important when the goals of employees are the same as the goals of the company. It makes for good business, for business and people who work for the business. Yes, it's very important.

Sorry, what I have? Conflicts, what is conflicts? Ah! Of course, I have some problems with my colleagues and it's normal because I think it's a unrealistic dream when everything is ideal. Yes, it's a utopia, right. So, it was very hard, especially the first time when I started my business to discuss with my colleagues some kind of problem and said to somebody unfortunately you are not as good for us, for example, as I was hoping for.

But, now I know one thing that this is the way and we have to live in this way in the one side, one direction, we have to all be on the same side. Yes, right. And if somebody wants to go, wants to change the way, this person has all every rights to make it. Yes. And if companies want to change the way, the company too has the right to do it.

Yes, right. But not all of the employees wants to do it. And these times, in times of changes, it usually happens when it changes, it's happening. This period is really a hard period for company and employees and some people stay in the company and some have to leave. You're right.