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I can hear you really really well good. I'm doing good well. Sorry, can you see me?

I'm from Kazakhstan.

Really? By the way, I have my a friend from there. Her name is Jelissa.

No, she were was living in Dubai. She is from Dubai, then I think her father find found a job there and they moved to South Africa.

We're have like, we're not talking too much anymore, we're just friends ion Instagram.

Yeah, I agree with you. No, I have a lot of friends from other countries. My best friend is from the USA, he's from Las Vegas.

First of all, when I was starteding this journey, maybe 3, 4 years ago. I found one site, I was just were sitting and just looking in on the internet in at some programs and found some program which was called, I don't remember.

On this site, You can find some friends in different countries. I could teach them Russian, then they could teach me English., First I started with Spanish, then I changed to English. The people from in different countries can talk in English rather than Spanish. It was so so good, and I really like to talk in English.

I found my friends, some really nice friends from Morocco but they're living in Dubai now so I know a little bit of the Moroccan language, similar to Arabic.

It's really really good. Even if I don't get to will not go, I've still been in to Egypt, Moscow, different countries but I have never met my friends in real life, only virtually life but I'm happy because I can learn, how can I say, their culture is so different, it's really really amazing.

Yeah, I agree with you. Sure, you know, by the way, my friends are saying to me, come to my country, you're more than welcome, if you want to work here, you can live here for free. They are so really really nice. They are even sending me a gifts even, like magnets ic stuff, something like that.

And I'm sending gifts to them too.

It's really really good to for me. English is my passion. Never. I've learnted French in school. Maybe 2 because I first I started with from Spanish and I have a lot of friends from Chile.

My friends are wondering too. I want to talk like better, you know because I have there are so much many words that I don't know but I can understand you really well, I can understand my friends really well too.

First time, I used overcome the barrier, I were was sentding a link that from Karina. She is a YouTuber and I won a lesson from OCTB and I really loved it. First time., it was after 5 months, they said I was up to pre-intermediate.

You can learn from native speakers and Arabic people, some of them speak really well. No, I'm at home, I'm a mum of 2 sons, my older son is 9 years old, and my younger son, he is 6 years old.

Yeah, so I'm at home. In my city, it's difficult to we cannot find a job. My husband, he's good.

It's really nice now, it's 30 degrees and we're going out, maybe later today. I'm planning to go out with my sons, go for a walk, go to a restaurant.

No, I wanted to talk.

I like to sing. I like to sing in English. Ellie Goulding is my favorite. She is so nice and Ann-Marie. I think she is American but Ellie Goulding is British.

No, it's just my hobby, I can sing really nicely. I can sing in Smul, it's like karaoke. Everyone can join it, from every country, like online. It's really helpful for people who likes to sing. For me, this language, why it's easy to for me, because I loved to sing in English and I were used to listening to a lot of music when I was a kid, I didn't know the words but I could sing just like them.

Then when I grewow up and started to talk in English, I can could understand what is about that song was about, correcting the pronunciation. I think my accent is not harsh. I think it's because of the singing song.

Sure and I was so proud of myself that I did it, that I could know this language. I think a lot of people can't be like that. How can I say? For example, I have a lot of friends from my city, they want to learn English, they have a the possibility but they don't have that much passion.

They are saying I can't. I'm saying, don't be shy. You can Just speak how you can but if you're shy, that's it. You can just finish, you can go back.

First time, I had a lot of time with the people, they were joking making fun of with me, they were saying you don't have to say that. Chinese people were laughing at me, I said, he were was asking me how old are you and I said 29 and or maybe 20 something and I said for example, 28 and he were was laughing at me.

Now I know. They were laughing at me a lot of the time,. but I want to say that the people who started to talk with me, they wanted to learn the Russian language and I wanted to learn English and but now they only know, Hello, how are you?