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I'm fine thank you, today is Saturday, it's A free day OFF.

I'm from russia, now I live in a small town between....its name is Borovichi.

yes it is my home town but FOR many years I HAD BEEN livINGed in St.-Petersburg and some years AGO I moved and now I live here.

In my life there was a big tragedy, my husband died and I had to move.

Because to live in a big city alone with two little children it was so difficult for me.

yes, now I work at home

It is interesting but I'm an english teacher and now I can work only with little children with children from kindergarten, not from school. as you see I try to improve my english because I want to work with school children.

Yes, I have some education. English education was my SECOND education and I studied in the evening and I may say that my education is not so good.

After I graduated FROM the university I didn't work with English.

And I worked in a big restaurant company CHAIN and I didn't use English at all.

After I had moved to my hometown I started to work with children.

I started to teach. Yes, I like it and I don't want to change anything.

But I HAVE ALREADY said already about my problem, now I can work only with little children.

I would like to know SOME THINGS about you. Where do you live now? Where were you born?

All Russian people think that people from Ukraine is ARE our brotherS.

But of course our political situation is not so good but people don't believe our politicians.