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Hello. Im from Kazakhstan, I live, My name is Uzergul it means A growing flower.

I live in THE Atru region, not in the city, I work as a teacher in a primary school, im 34.

My hobby is growing flowers. I like flowers and ive got a lot of flowers at home and at school.

i want to improve my speaking and listening skills because in our region there is ARE no foreign people or native speakers and its difficult.

sometimes its difficult to recognize UNDERSTAND foreigners SPEECH.

I ask them not to speak so quickly.

No, I live with my mother and my niece.

Before THAT I was working in a small oil company and Ive got a lot of friends.

to who speak with foreigners sometimes, my best friend is working is IN a foreign company.

sometimes when she inviteS me to her birthday party i speak with her colleagues.

one of them IS from California.

I want to travel to London, it's my dream.

I want to visit London. Because as a teacher of English I want to visit the native country of THE language I TEACH.

Great. ARE You living in London?. One hour away.

My group mates is living in London now, she is married to AN Englishman.

And now she is living there. yes, she likesd it, very much.

Even she didn't doesn't even miss about her native country.

Of course because I don't want to move to London, only I only want to visit it for traveling, not for THE PURPOSE OF living.

I love my country, I am a patriot.

Because our country is very beautiful, there are many picturesque places in our country, in Almaty, there are many unusual places in our country.

Especially we've got beautiful our nature is especially beautiful.

Yes, mountains, lakes, forests, plains, rivers. In our region we've got beautiful places.

Because we borders with Russia, that's why we have beautiful rivers and a lot of trees, but not a forest.

Yes, I like to travel but I didn't haven't visited foreign countries, only cities in our country.

Because my mother is blind. Im alone. I haven't got any brothers or sisters and I can't leaveft her alone.

As I mentioned before, before I was living in the city, it was eight years ago when my mother became blinded.

Whats your profession?

Very good. Whats your nationality? Are you Ukrainian?

It's so fantastic. You HAVE visited a lot of different countries. Does IS your work connected with THE British Councils?