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Yes. Nice to see you, Karl. Yes, do you see me? Yes, thanks. Okay, okay. How was is your finger today. Yes, because today is a very, very busy day for you. A lot of lessons during our day. interesting event. Today, sometimes I connected and listened and I don't know, I think it's a very good idea for new, potential students. And what's interesting thing has happened in my life, I don't know?

Okay, hold on a minute. Okay, sorry, sorry. Okay, yes, of course, of course, family is very important. Today we celebrate Moscow Day. You mean what? You mean how many years? Today is the birthday of Moscow. And I don't remember how many years. Maybe 781. I'm not sure.

Yes, yes. It's a long lot of time, an old lot of age. And today across the city we have lots of interesting events, celebrations, some interesting, I don't know, exhibition, so on and so on. But unfortunately, I spent a long time in the police station office. No.

You know, yesterday, I had some car accident? Correct? Car accident. The problem is when I came to my car and I saw that my car has some damage broke sage, and nobody was around my car. Another car, I didn't see it and I asked the, there is that place is near hospital, and I asked the security guy if maybe he can had some records, video records from the camera.

And we saw together the video and we saw the moment with of the accident. Another car hit my car broke, how I don't know how it's called. Scrape. Scraped my car. And the driver from an the other car left ave the place where the car accident happened. Yes. And today, I went as go to the police office and we discussed the situation. The situation is not simple.

And the problem is an the other driver who left ave the scene of the car accident place can I don't know how it's called can lose leave their car driver's license. Because in our country, if you leave the place where a car accident happended, you can lose the car driver's license. Yeah, yeah. And today, it's not simple and an interesting situation happened. Okay, it doesn't matter.

What else? Tomorrow we will go to the, I don't know what it's called in English. I think this event, when we recall, vote for maybe a new head of city, you know? Yes, mayor. And tomorrow, we just a second, I just check how it's called in English. Election, election, I never use this word. Yeah, yeah.

And for me, this event is not interesting. I don't like when I don't have a choice. For example, we have a very good guy, mayor of Moscow, current mayor of Moscow, but tomorrow of course, we will have an elections, but the elections across with only one real candidate the one guy. Not one, we have three. But everybody know just only one guy. So an the other two guys nobody knows. It's like a game.

Of course, everyone understands the current mayor will win this election started take this position. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. It is Russia, I think. Yeah, yeah. What else? What else interesting happened in my life. I don't know. Maybe you asked me something? Oh, business? Business is, I think, it's good. Actually we in close to the finish line of the quarter, 3rd quarter. And in my expectation, we will close this quarter with a positive figure, number. And I look on the future with a positive mood.

You know, in the next week, I will go to the national sales with my team. Each members of my team will come to the Moscow and we will spend t 3 days together with discussion about our strategies about our problems, etc. And I expect that every members of our team will take a positive mood for the future. For the future of job. Of course. Me and my team ar efocusing on it and spend a lot of time for preparing to do this meeting, national sales meeting.

And I don't know. Business, it's okay, and as I said y before, I look in the positive mode for the future. What else? Today, I heard the previous conversation and one lady from pharmaceutical company, also. And I don't remember how, what the name of this lady is. But I think a lot, my question is, how many students, in your portfolio work in the pharmaceutical industry. Interesting.

Because for me, it's very interesting, maybe to discuss the topic, professional topic, maybe with this guy, with this student, and maybe I ask you if it's possible to share with me the contact of this people. Of course, if it's confidential I understand, could you please share with me the contact. Okay, understand. He's the owner and he's responsible for security.

I think it's very good, you know, this platform, I really like, but unfortunately, last month, I was very, very busy. Of course, it's not important, but I'm really tired and really busy and I will plan to come back to this platform because it's a real good instrument for improving my understanding of the English language. And I will plan to share my opinion across my friends and colleagues and so on and so on.

And I discuss with my HR department the situation with this platform and some colleagues are really interested about this and I will and I think that in the future, we, maybe we will go... You know I'm using a mobile phone but at the same time I get a call. Yeah. Okay, and what else?

Ask me something? You know, I already told you, I don't like Moscow at all. Moscow is like Moscow. It's very beautiful for traveling. For the five days you can spend a very beautiful and time and you can see lots of beautiful places and very good architecture and very interesting locales, I don't know. It's very beautiful.

But the problem is, not the city or building or something, the problem is the people how who live in this city. Okay. You know, for example, if you go across the street and you have some question, for example, you don't how, where this building is located and so on, you can ask somebody please help me. And I don't know, which percent but more than 50% people will answer to you, sorry, I don't know, or sorry I'm very busy or don't answer you at all.

Because a lot of people who live in Moscow and go across walk along the street to the metro and people are very focusing on the target. And people are not interested ing in what is happening around them. This situation is specific to Moscow. Because if you go to Siberia or something or St. Petersburg for example, the second biggest city in Russia and if you asked the same question, I think a lot of people want to help you with your problem and spend some time for discussion or spend some times for a walk with you, for this place you are interested in ing and so on.

You know, that is why I don't like Moscow. I think this is the usual situation for most capital cities y and if you ask me how I am feeling right now for myself and my family in Moscow, I think it's okay because Moscow gives me a lot of opportunities with the school, with the kindergarten with good mall, good shop.

I don't know how it's called in English, infrastructure, and I spend at very short time for traveling in between kindergarten, my place of work, house, shops and I understand all logistics every day and the Moscow gives me this opportunity to use it, the infrastructure and it's absolutely okay. Moscow is a very good city with this question. And me and my family think very positively about it.