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Do you see me? It doesn't matter.

My name is AnastasiaNastia. I'm 28 years old and I have a husband and a three year old son. I'm a stay at home. I have my own courses for about moms about for time management.

I'm trying. Very much. It was my own problem - I can say so. I'm looking for some solution for how to manage all my tasks during the day. the As a result of my adventure was my course for moms. My problem wasis the same as other moms. We are similar.

Because now I have a new course for moms for homes and it's about ecology but in Russian there is not a lot of so good information and I need some English literature to discover the theme.

This is my goal now because when I worked before my son was born, I had practiced but now, as you can hear it became more difficult to speak. I can listen but not speak. It became difficult. It's more difficult than earlier. My brain is workings so hard now.

I have studied Since I was my 10 years old. Only in university. But now not.

Yes, of course, and when we are travelling I'm trying to speak English as much more as I can but in fact I haven't been to English speaking countries. I was in Spain and for both of us, English is not native so we speak some cocktail of languages - English, Spanish, Russian.

I think my - I live in my favorite country. To visit - I can't say - my own list of countries is just the beginning. I visited spent only five countries.

Cool. It's a dream for me.

Good, but it's not normal for this time of the year. We are really surprised about this weather. Today, for example, is 26 plus degrees. But usually in September it is maybe 10 degrees or less, rainy and windy but today is really summer weather.

Because . .. .I'm in interesteding in ecology because of it. I realized that in the world global - the actions of everyone people has effects on the globehave results as global chances.

In Russia, I can say that our winters became more warmer and summer became colder. Not in all every regions but in general common view I can say so that winter is warmer and summer is colder. But not in this year, this year we had an have excellent summer.

I think that you can notice realize it earlier than us. the Climate around Greenland is changing very fast.

For example, the destroying of forests. Natural disasters are is only about nature. In Russia I can say that our nature is under people's - people are destroyingdisaster the nature.

No, because he doesn't speak Russian very well. All of us are trying to speak Russian. When I was pregnant I thought that he, my son, would speak in a English, Chinese, and Russian, and so on.

I read that moms are not good teachers for their kids. The second language should be taught studied by another teacher.

When momma speaks English or another language.

I want to have such a teacher who will come to our home and who will speak with my son, maybe in Chinese or . . . I understand the first time I should also understand Chinese.

China is close to us. I think it's rather strategic and because Chinese is a very difficult language, I think his brain will be very strong.

Very huge and Russia is - all of our products in the shops are from Chinese. Maybe in all the world. it's The same in Russia. We also lost manufacturing.

I wanted to visit China some day because I can only imagine how we are different and how many things we can discover in China. They are very smart, and wisedom.

I can't say so. Maybe Vietnamese is tastier for me. Chinese is strange for me. I don't understand what is in my plate.

I think it's Italian. I think it's very elegant** - beautiful and simple and romantic. The food is also beautiful, simple and romantic. I was in Italy once, in Venice. We were there - my husband and my son - we were there on the 31st of December and it was crowded - there were an extremely number of many people there.

we were there For celebrations for the new year. It was a bad idea. We decided that we should - I was holding my son in on themy arms for the six hours and my back was hurting in the horrible -