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Hello, Karl. Nice to meet you too? Yes, I live in Russia, in Moscow. And I have an apartment. But now I am in Moscow. I am working in Moscow in a pharmaceutical company. It's part of a group. And I am New Product Implantation manager. Yeah. What? Yeah. I think so too.

It's i'm having a little bit difficult time. It's takes a lot of time, a lot of energy. And it's a little bit stressful. Today, I thought how to solve this problem. How to find energy to be a product manager and have a focused and organize my team.

And I decided to try yoga with a trainer. Yes, my personal class. It was very nice. Vladimir yesterday invited me to this English class because I need to remember and update my English skills, yes. So I need it in my work now.

I am speaking in English with my partners, with my colleagues from Basil. Basil, Switzerland. It's an American company, but our chief office is in Basil. Yes, I speak with them in English. Sometimes, yes, sometimes no because there are different people in the team. Some of them are Chinese, Indian, and so on, for example, France.

And all of them have different accents and there is a problem with transitioning between them all. Sometimes I don't understand them I suppose. And I don't am not sure they understand me and I understand I am speaking with a lot of mistakes.

I want to take care of them. Took take care of them. To explain what I want to say. For example, now, I you didn't understand me. I think they sometimes do not understand me too. Yes, yes.

For me, it's the french France and Indian. You know, I have one partner who speaks in Russian, Indian guy, yes. And sometimes I don't know what he is speaking in Russian. But his Russian is very good, but the accent is very strange for me. For Russian people, of course. Yeah.

For me, it's difficult because have you ever, have you ever heard French English? I suppose you have to try. It's really difficult because the accent is very different from, you know there is no problem to listen to people, for example, from Poland, from Croatia, from western eastern Europe, but France is different. For me. I suppose French guys understand each very good, maybe more difficult to understand me. Yeah, I think so too.

Where are you from? You are an American guys? But I understand you very well good. No problem with your accent. Ah! It's nice. What did you do in Malaysia? With music? Like DJs? No? Choir? Choir director. Interesting. And why didn't you decided to return to the United States? You are in Malaysia now? Ah, interesting. Yes. I suppose I didn't understand what you want to ask me?

Which time I need to be where? Ah! I don't think about it, because I have a calendar in Outlook, and they organize a meeting and I see my time, and I understand that he can meet with me. But I don't think about the a time in the other country. I can think just about my comfort. If it is a comfortable time I schedule the meeting. Something like this.

I started in this April. Yeah, in April, yes. Before that I worked in a Russian pharmaceutical company, during for 5 years. Yeah, I'm working in the pharmaceutical business. You know, I'm have been working in the pharmaceutical business during the last 12 years, yes. Yes. I have big experience and sometimes I'm thinking to change something, but it's really not so easy, because I have a very good experience.

I suppose, a good income, salary. And to be if I want able to change something, I would have should to start from zero point, yes? And not the same salary and so on. So I just try to change companies, but I don't think I'm happy, but I have a lot of challenges. Yes, yes, a lot. Because i was able to go to this company 3 years ago and would like to distribute all their policies to Russian companies y.

And you know Russian people are not the same like Switzerland or United States people, yes? Different mentality. And it's really difficult to involve and apply all policies tics in the pharma I am working now. So I am one of the leaders of class A. Do you know what it means Class A? No.

If you have a big business, for example with a big office in one country and a lot of affiliates around the the world, you need to find the way how to manage all these companies and to resist gather the right data from financial data and other data from all these companies to be able to t make a decision and view this data very quickly.

So you should to build something very clear, yes? And all companies should work according to one system using one tool to be able to quickly send information from one source. Yes, it's really very difficult. And my task, to organize NPI process. NPI process in Pharma, according to Class.

And I should find the right person to distribute all those and I understand that people don't want to do some activities and I'm not able to find who will do this and who will do another task and nobody wants to do Class A. And everyone will understand that they don't want to.

Oh, you know, have you ever been in Moscow? Ah, only in the airport. I suppose you should meet it. Meet Moscow because it really is a very beautiful city. I really don't like in Moscow. Today, when I was yeah, you know, I'm living in the center of Moscow, I'm using the metro everyday, and I don't understand that Moscow is so beautiful, but when I want to, for example, like, when you are relaxed and not running to work something like this.

You look around and understand it's really a beautiful city. Today and tomorrow is a city day in Moscow. And a lot of events. And there will be fire show in the evening and a lot of music masterclasses and Moscow is really, especially in the center is very clean and all buildings are repaired. How to say it? They are not old. Of course, it's not Europe, Moscow is not old, the buildings in Moscow is do not look old like in Europe but it is a historical y too.

And all of them, are brushed and look clean, you know? Not gray, for example, buildings in Basil. Yes, I was in Basil in this August, in from the end of July to the start to of August. I am very tire.d I came to Basil very tired and I came in Sunday and I was told I have a half day to walk in Basil in the center of Basil to see the city and buildings. But when I came to my house, I thought i needed only one hour to sleep and I took a shower and go went to bed.

And I understood when I woke up in the evening, I was sleeping for half an hour, around a half day. But, yes, I stayed in Basil for during 4 days. And you know, it was like a city day or a country day in Basil in on August 1. You know. And it was very interesting, interesting Switzerland music. And very interesting and nice to see. Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately, I didn't visit museums, because in the evening after my work, they were already was closed and Sunday I slept.

Yes, I was so exhausted. Invitation? vacation. Ah, it's not a vacation, it was a business trip and for me it was stressful because I'm very responsible ility person and sometimes I understand I should organize something, but I see a big problem, I don't know how to solve, I'm starting to get the stressed. And it takes all my energy. And I had some training. Yeah, yeah.

And when I understood everything is not according to Class A in my company and I have just 3 months to organize it because it i will receive it. But it's my own personal KPI. You see? Yes, yes. From Switzerland. Very interesting musical instrument. It was in Basil yes, near the Rhine, one of the bridges. Yes, it was nice. And you know, they have one tradition. After working job, they put all their clothes to the in a special bag and go swimming in the rain. Yes, yes.

With his bag. And a lot of people are swimming, it's really very interesting . And you know, I don't know how it's in New York, but for Russians, it's very interesting because not a lot of cars in the city but a lot of bicycle parks like this. Very interesting. Yeah, you can walk and do didn't worry that any cars will, how to say it, knock you down you, or something, because not a lot of cars were around and lots of bicycles and trams and so.

Now you know, a lot of bicycles in Moscow, but it's not like in Basil and it's really a little bit dangerous to use the bicycle in Moscow. A lot of cars around, no special road to for the bicycles. People and car and wind. And it's not easy. And no buses. In summer, good weather. Of course, just 3 months, 4 or 5 months for bicycles. Nice, nice country. Malaysia, it's near Singapore, yeah? Do you like Singapore? I think so. I saw some movies and pictures. I want to visit Singapore once?

What visit? I've been just in Thailand. For vacation, I was in Phu Ket. But it was last year. Really, I don't like East Asia. IT's interesting because it's a different culture. I suppose different smells, different people, big traffic, everything car and people and very you have in Malaysia, the same cafe that is on the road like a bicycle and some people are cooking in this stall...yes, yes, yes. And they are cooking something and you can buy it.

Everything is dirty. I don't know how they are eating. But it's a culture, it's interesting to see. A lot of people. It was really cheap. We decided we will not stay in the hotel for a long time and we thought we will spend time in the beach or in the traveling around Phu Ket and different areas lands. And we booked a very cheap hotel. But was very nice but it was my first time when you go to the balcony, you see the gray wall of the other building. You can see just in Asia.