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Good evening. I am doing wonderful.

And here it is 9 oclock in the evening.

my City is called Y.

It is situated in the Ural mountains.

I have heard about it them.

Wow! It is great. I would love to visit in one day.

I have never traveled to the USA.

Actually I have a bachelor's degree in economicsy.

Recently I decided I dodidn't like this job at all.

I want to improve my spoken English and maybe one day I will connect my life with the English language.

I have traveled, but not a lot.

I have lived in Morocco.

It's a very interesting place, especially for the tourists.

You can visit a lot of attractions.

I was in the dessert and I road a camel there at night.

I saw the Atlantic ocean.

I was in Casablanca and Merikesh.

Yeah, I had a husband before but I am divorced.

it is Good that you have found a new life partner.

They are grown up.

How many children live in your house?

How should I understand that?

So you are a granddad now. Congratulations.

Soon you will have a lot of grandchildren, I think.

Yeah, I like to go to the cinema to watch a good movie.

I like to go to the cafe with my friends.

We go together to eat and drink and to go to he cinema to watch movies.

I like to ride a bicycle in the summertime.

It is very green and beautiful and lots of fresh air.

What do you write about?

That's great.

Like a taxi driver?