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Well, I'm liveing in Moscow and I was studyied in the Moscow international film school in a director workshop.

And I'm looking for a job right now. Not I don't have a job yet.

What do I do every day? Or what do I do every day in my job or in my hobby free time?

I Shooting the make films. Right Now, it's I make short films and sometimes documentaryies and fiction films.

I am a film-maker.

I think make documentary films about people around me, and about any events, important events in for example, in Moscow.

Why did you go to Argentina?

Every time, when I go to another country, I always make a short film.

When I went to Georgia, I was make made a short film about the Georgian architecture.

When I have been was in the Ukraine, in a little town.

It's a little town in the Ukraine and I made a short film about each place, but. it was a story about the nature of the Ukraine because in this town, there was a lot of many beautiful scenery.

No, I haven't been in to America. But, I have been in to Tokyo, Japan. It is a very big town city where so with many people. and it was a school expedition to Japan to our friends, our partners, and we go went there with our theatre performance.

I think I saw in Tokyo, it's is a big, modern city. But, one time, it was also has very old places, with a big story, a rich culture and it's modern architecture can connect the with old culture and with the new. The nature and very beautiful houses are very beautiful.