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I am at home. I'm livinge in Moscow. And what about you? Where are you living now?

No, I have never been to Argentina, but I want to go to Argentina there next year because I want to dance tango in Buenos Aires.

Yes, it's my hobby and I have been dancing tango for 2 years. It's my third year and it's a good time to go to travelling to Argentina and see their local culture, and local see tourist sites and dance with local partners milonga.

Yes, it's about trust and it's about connection and it isn't that simple.

You can think that it's not hard, but for me, I was surprised, but because it really is not that simple.

Maybe the main thing is I can express myself and it's posture.

Yes, I like milonga the most from Argentina from out of all the different kinds of tango music.

For me, it's very convenient and suitable for me because the music is faster and I like to do the steps.

I think I should come.

It may be the good best way to dance tango if you like tango shoes.

But the prices of tango shoes in Moscow in tango shoes is a bit expensive.

Yes, I always have my tango shoes with me in my backpack with me.

What season is the best to go to Argentina? I don't wouldn't like to go to Argentina there in high season.

And how many degrees do you have what is the temperature now?